Goodbye Twitter

Twitter is the worst of the “important” social networks in the western world. I say this not only because their new anti-auto-post policy locked my account, but for the more obvious reasons: they haven’t fixed their trolling problems, they haven’t blocked racist hate-tweeters (I’m looking at you grandpa Trump), and they haven’t solved the rampant bot problems. Other than that, Twitter must be perfect, right?

Nope. First, let me explain how I unknowingly ran afoul of their new(?) anti-auto-post rule. I blog on WordPress. WordPress allows me to cross-post a link to new blog posts using a Twitter API. Apparently, Twitter has decided (in its infinite wisdom) to lock the accounts of users who do this. How did I find out about this policy? By email to my account based on my previous behavior of auto-posting? Nope. Twitter just locked my account, THEN sent me an email. Lazy idiots that they are, they probably think this is an effective way to inform their userbase. One auto-post per day using a Twitter API from WordPress, without regard to the content or any other circumstances = locked account. That’s a bad policy. It’s almost as if they don’t know what their service is used for.

Now that my account is locked, you’d think it would be a simple matter to get it unlocked, wouldn’t you? But if you thought that, you don’t know how dysfunctional social networks such as Twitter work. I had to click “I am not a bot” then choose the frames of an image that contained street signs. SUCCESS…right? Nope. My account remained locked until I “associate a phone number” with Twitter to be confirmed by SMS. Guess what. I’m never going to do that. I’m not going to give Twitter, that broken down old has-been of a social network yet one more piece of information about me that no one else has to hand over, as payment for my having broken a new Twitter policy that they never informed me of.

So…that’s why I’m done with Twitter. It’s not for the obvious reasons that they don’t apply their own rules equally to all users. It’s because they continue to break the accounts of the type of users who they should be encouraging to use their service more.

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