The Adventure Begins

My very own copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 arrived at my school today. At lunchtime, several people got my hopes prematurely lifted through the ceiling when they told me that a package was waiting for me in the boys’ dormitory. Mentally I pumped my fist while silently shouting an enthusiastic “YES!” in my mind. But the package only turned out to be my new 32″ UHD monitor wrapped in plastic and packed tightly into a wooden frame for extra protection.

Later in the afternoon, possibly as a direct result of my feverishly mashing F5 on my keyboard to refresh Taoboa’s logistical tracking page, I saw that my highly anticipated box of happiness had arrived at the front gate. Skipping every other step of the four flights of stairs I rolled down, I couldn’t get to the security booth fast enough. Fortunately, the guard on duty remembered me and let me find my own package rather than forcing me to wait until all of the packages had been delivered to the boy’s dormitory at 5pm.

The installation and update took an hour and 20 minutes to complete, but it was definitely worth the wait! So far, I’ve killed 1 man, six wolves, and my desire to ever turn off my PS4.

If anyone is wondering how much I paid for RDR2, I got it for 372 yuan. That’s about $53.11 in US money, money well-spent if you ask me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a game to live.


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