He Didn’t Actually Say That

This afternoon, while walking back to the foreign teachers’ dormitory after lunch, I had a contentious conversation with an American named Tim. Tim repeatedly stated that “If you listen carefully, Trump never said that he grabbed anyone by the pussy.” I think I missed the chance to express to Tim just how fucking stupid he is for saying this. Let me explain.
In Tim’s pathetic, little, logic-challenged mind, if Mr. Trump was only implying he believes he is allowed to (and therefore, in Tim’s mind, it’s not harrassment) grab women by the pussy BECAUSE of his power and celebrity, that is not harrassment. Yes, there are Americans in this world who really believe that if a person uses his power over another person, he can do whatever he wants as long as the victim receiver of that treatment doesn’t object to it. It doesn’t matter to the Tim’s of the world that women have been forced to bite their tongue for fear of retribution by the men who have power over them for thousands of years. It’s this lack of empathy, and really a lack of any intelligent consideration of the situation that makes me truly despise people like Tim. I know it’s not really his fault that he “thinks” this way, but dog-dam, when half the fucking country is saying “Me too!”, then it’s time to pull your big stupid empty head out of your asshole and evolve!


No Post Today?

I don’t really have time to write a blog post here on my WordPress blog today. Thanks at work were extremely busy. I’ve been interviewing prospective foreign teachers for next semester.

One thing that happened at my school today is that a tenth grade student was expelled for smoking off campus and secretly smoking on campus. I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow.

Remaining Ghost

After careful consideration, and after having read reports that all new Twitter sign-ups require registration of a phone number, decided to bite the bullet and hand over my Google Voice phone number to Twitter for the sole purpose of using that social network to promote this blog. There’s nothing social about it, I assure you. But because I have so few followers on Twitter these days, I don’t think it will make a difference one way or the other.

As for the other big American social networking behemoth, I’m referring of course to Facebook, not LinkedIn, I’m currently weighing the pros and cons of cross-posting links to my WordPress posts there. However, to my mind, the negatives of linking this very personal blog with my real name and very impersonal Facebook “friends” far outweigh the positives and probably isn’t the best idea for someone who prefers to remain a ghost, unknown, so nobody can touch me now. I prefer to remain a ghost or a shadow on Facebook at least. I don’t want random former school chums or co-workers creeping into the comments or worse yet, secretly stalking me in the attempt to discover how I take my coffee (cream and 2 sugars) or where I shop (Uniqlo). So, a ghost I remain.

Busy Weekend

I’ll be having a super busy weekend. My school moved up the date for teachers to submit our semester final exams for review. So I’ll be writing three separate literature exams. I also had to make a unit test for my 9th grade class for Monday. I got that done this evening while bing-watching Dark, a German Netflix series involving time travel. Even though it’s only 10:30pm, I’m ready to sleep. 

What’s New Tuesday?

For the Love of the Game
Let’s see, what’s new? That’s really not a rhetorical question. I got bashed in the right eye by an errant elbow this afternoon in the school gymnasium while playing basketball with some hyper-aggressive (and slightly uncoordinated) teachers who visit from other schools every Tuesday to play basketball. This wasn’t my first basketball-related injury this group has inflicted upon my face. Last Tuesday a teacher went all viper-style on me, springing from his coiled position straight up into the bridge of my nose giving me a swollen schnoz and a black right eye. I’m sure I’ll have another shiner come tomorrow morning despite my early exit from the gym to ice down my face. Many of the players messaged me on WeChat to check if I’m OK, so that was nice. The sad thing is that I’ve already begun to change my playing style; becoming less aggressive on defense. Now it’s time to stop being such a ball-hawk on the boards as well.

The Taobao of Pooh
I recently joined the zillions of Chinese shopaholic in properly setting up a Taobao account, complete with online debit card payment (please don’t hack it!) and a correctly entered shipping address. Not only that, I successfully ordered a few things, and already received my first package, a replacement USB type-C power cable for my notebook computer. I know that doesn’t sound very impressive, but it’s going to save me from packing and unpacking a power cable every single working day. Now I’ll just leave one of the cables on my desk in the office. Yeah!

First blog post

This is my first post. I’ve edited this post by changing the photo. I’d like to use this post to tell you lovely readers why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it. Just like these delicious Pop Tarts, this blog will be warm and crisp and full of sweet blueberries.